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MongoDB for Kubernetes

Operator by Kubestack alpha

The MongoDB operator provides a managed service like experience for MongoDB replica sets on any Kubernetes cluster. MongoDB is an open-source, document database designed for ease of development and scaling.


Push-button deploy

Deploy a self-driving MongoDB replica set with just one kubectl command on any Kubernetes cluster.


Self-driving replica set

Automated setup and replica set operations. Full cluster life-cycle compatibility including node maintenance and upgrades. Self-healing recovery from pod or node failures.


Secure defaults

Production grade and secure default configuartion. TLS encryption between replica members and clients. Preconfigured authentication and role based permissions.


Safe and fast storage

Persistent and high performance local storage using replication to 3, 5, 7 or 9 distinct cluster nodes with pod-anti-affinity and host volumes for storage.


Built-in monitoring

Built-in Prometheus metrics exporter for monitoring MongoDB. Fully automatic integration with the Prometheus operator or easily integrated into your existing monitoring.


Expert support

Direct support from engineer to engineer for deployment considerations, planning and day-to-day operations like migrations and scaling.

Customize Configure MongoDB for your application stack

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Deploy Get MongoDB up and running on any Kubernetes cluster


This is a alpha release made available as a tech-preview. Scaling the stateful set does not yet add or remove replica set members.


To deploy MongoDB run this kubectl command:

kubectl apply -f {{ manifest_url.value }}

If you receive an error creating a resource simply re-run the command until all resources return (AlreadyExists).

To connect to

kubectl -n {{ model.items[6].metadata.namespace }} exec -ti {{ model.items[6] }}-0 -c mongod \
    -- mongo --host localhost --ssl \
        --sslCAFile /etc/ssl/mongod/ca.pem \
        --sslPEMKeyFile /etc/ssl/mongod/mongod.pem

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Customization and simple deployment are just the beginning. We plan to add many more features to help you run MongoDB on Kubernetes.

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