Kubestack Framework
Free and open-source Terraform framework
for Kubernetes platform engineering teams

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Get it right from day one
without reinventing the wheel

Kubestack helps you make the right architecture decisions for the platform you're building, and scaffolds the Terraform code for your entire stack. Engineers who are new to Terraform or Kubernetes get to rely on the framework defaults to make progress now and learn as they go. Experienced platform builders leverage the scaffolding to skip the repetitive boilerplate.

Screenshot of code editor showing the CLI command to scaffold a platform with one AKS, one EKS and one GKE cluster.

Move fast as a team
without breaking things

The cloud native landscape moves fast and so do your application teams. You need a way to continuosly evolve your platform without sacrificing availability. Kubestack enables all team members to safely iterate on any platform component and test new configurations before they can impact running applications.

Screenshot of code editor showing the changes to install Cert-Manager and a Let's Encrypt cluster issuer.

Build a future proof platform
without lock-in

Being part of an open-source community of platform builders gives you access to future improvements and lowers your maintenance effort. But ultimately your platform is defined by native Terraform code in your repository. Contribute upstream, extend your platform with custom Terraform code, replace individual Kubestack modules or even fork the entire open-source framework. You own the code, you are in control.

Screenshot of code editor showing how to extend the platform using a custom Terraform module.
Start the tutorial

and build a platform application teams love

Read the docs

to learn more about Kubestack

The best Kubernetes for each cloud
build unified platforms using EKS, AKS and GKE


Kubestack builds on each cloud's managed Kubernetes offering for the best possible integration and support, but unifies platform features, developer experience and runtime environments for your application developers across all clusters and clouds.

Platform teams using Kubestack


“Our technology due diligence often reveals how early decisions can negatively impact the value of Kubernetes platforms long term. Kubestack helps avoid costly mistakes from the start.“

Christoph Beckmann