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Terraform framework for
Kubernetes Platform Engineering

Convention over configuration framework that makes the power of platforms accessible to your whole engineering team

Architecture and GitOps workflow enabling all team members to safely iterate while protecting your application environments

Extendable, future-proof, low-maintenance Terraform code base and robust automation even for complex Kubernetes platforms

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Why Kubestack?

Building a Kubernetes based platform requires tight integration of countless components across multiple environments. Maintaining such a platform without infrastructure as code is tedious and error prone.

Kubestack is the easiest and fastest way to define your entire stack in one Terraform code base and continuosly evolve your platform safely using GitOps.

Platform teams using Kubestack


“Our technology due diligence often reveals how early decisions can negatively impact the value of Kubernetes platforms long term. Kubestack helps avoid costly mistakes from the start.“

Christoph Beckmann

Teams and platforms of any size

In platform engineering, there is no one size fits all. No matter if single engineer, or entire platform team. Using Kubestack you control every aspect of your platform architecture. From cloud providers to regions, from environments to clusters, and from node pools to platform features.

GitOps workflow and pipeline

Maintaining a complex platform requires one source of truth, a peer review based change process and robust automated applies. Or in other words, it requires GitOps. Kubestack includes a proven GitOps workflow to review, validate and promote changes out of the box.

Platform module catalog and guides

The real value of platforms lies in making powerful, seamlessly integrated features available to application developers. Kubestack helps you with modules for popular Kubernetes services, and platform engineering guides that make it easy to deliver common platform features in production ready configurations.

The best Kubernetes for each cloud
build unified platforms using EKS, AKS and GKE


Kubestack builds on each cloud's managed Kubernetes offering for the best possible integration and support, but unifies platform features, developer experience and runtime environments for your application developers across all clusters and clouds.

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and build a platform application teams love

Read the docs

to learn more about Kubestack