Get Started

This tutorial will help you get started with the Kubestack GitOps framework. It is divided into three steps.

The first step is entirely local and does not require cloud resources. This makes it a great way to try the framework before you continue with the rest of the tutorial.

Community Help: If you have any questions while following the tutorial, join the #kubestack channel on the Kubernetes community. To create an account request an invitation.

Professional Services: For organizations interested in accelerating their GitOps journey, professional services are available.

1. Develop locally

Starting with step one, you will scaffold your repository and work on your configuration using Kubestack's local development environment. The local development environment simulates your actual cloud configuration locally using Kubernetes in Docker (KinD) clusters.

2. Provision infrastructure

Continuing with step two, you will set-up cloud prerequisites and bootstrap Kubestack's environments and clusters on your cloud provider for the first time. This step provisions the configuration you prepared in step one in the cloud.

3. Set-up automation

Finally, in step three, you will integrate CI/CD to automate changes following Kubestack's GitOps workflow. Once automation is configured, you are ready to maintain your cloud infrastructure automation together as a team.

When you are ready, start with the local development environment >>.