Get Started

You have two options to get started with Kubestack:

  1. Build a local lab first >>

    The local lab is useful to learn more about GitOps, try the Kubestack framework or have an independent development environment on your local machine.

  2. Or get started in the cloud >>

    When ready, follow the cloud tutorial to bootstrap a fully functional GitOps infrastructure automation ready to share with your team.

Community Help: If you have any questions while following the tutorial, join the #kubestack channel on the Kubernetes community. To create an account request an invitation.

Professional Services: For organizations interested in accelerating their GitOps journey, professional services are available.

Tutorial steps

  1. Local - Build your lab

    1. Bootstrap your local GitOps repository.
    2. Configure your lab infrastructure.
    3. Provision the local clusters.
    4. Optional: Test the GitOps flow.
  2. Cloud - Provision infrastructure

    1. Bootstrap your cloud GitOps repository.
    2. Setup authentication.
    3. Configure your cloud infrastructure.
    4. Provision the remote state.
    5. Bootstrap the infrastructure.
    6. Set up DNS.
  3. Cloud - Setup automation

    1. Push your repository.
    2. Set up pipeline credentials.
    3. Add the pipeline file.
    4. Follow the GitOps process.